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Aviso importante: No expiration date. The product works ONLY in countries that have XBOX LIVE service available: . Make sure that your account and IP is LOCATED in one of the supported countries!

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Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months

Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months key unlocks new possibilities on the Xbox Live service network. Owners of the Xbox One or Xbox 360 are aware that Xbox Live is completely free to use and enjoy. However, without the Gold membership the user has access only to a small part of all the possibilities Xbox Live has in store! The price of the subscription throughout the course of upcoming months will pay off immeasurably.

Multiplayer and matchmaking system

Even though some games have an engaging single-player campaign, the real deal very often hides in the online mode. With Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months key you will be able to enjoy multiplayer modes of your favorite video games, play with your friends, family or meet new people online. The advanced matchmaking system will have you facing opponents of equal skill level for the sake of your ultimate enjoyment.

Exclusive Xbox Live store discounts

Benefits gamers receive from the Microsoft Xbox subscription don’t end there – far from it! Xbox Live features a large assortment of games, DLC, TV series, movies, music and apps along with various different services. With Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months key you will regularly receive from 50% up 75% discounts on the Xbox Live digital marketplace! This way you can take care of your gaming needs by spending significantly less.

Receive free games each month!

Still not convinced? Well how about this – each Xbox Live Gold service subscriber receives from 2 to 4 games each month completely free of charge! On top of it all, you can keep these games even after your subscription time comes to an end. This mean that through buying Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months key you will also receive at least 12 free Xbox games in total throughout the course of the subscription. Of course, Eneba always welcomes you to come back and extend your Gold membership with more that one option to choose from 1 month to 12 month Xbox Live memberships. Pick according to your preferences!

Two Ways to Activate

Okay, so you’ve bought the Xbox Live Card (any card), what’s next? How to receive all the above-mentioned benefits? How to activate this key? What’s this code all about? Look no further because you’re fully covered! Here are the two most convenient ways on how you can activate your prepaid key codes!

If you are using an Xbox One console to activate Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months key:

  • • When on the Home screen, go to the Store selection;
  • • Find Categories selection, choose Games option;
  • • Choose the Use a Code feature (or shout out at your controller – Xbox, use code!);
  • • Sign in if prompted;
  • • Your prepaid key will either come in the form of a QR code, or the 25-character code;
  • • In the case of QR code hold it to your Kinect sensor. In the case of the 25-character code, simply enter it by hand.

If you want to activate your Xbox Live Gold membership card 6 months key via Web Browser:

  • • While in a browser, select the Redeem code feature;
  • • Click on Sign In option;
  • Log into your Microsoft account;
  • • Click on Redeem option;
  • • Enter the 25-character code and click Confirm;
  • • Enjoy your purchase!

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September 3, 2013


Microsoft Studios


Microsoft Studios