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Aviso importante: No expiration date. XBOX LIVE GOLD is supported in selected countries: Make sure your account is registered with one of these countries.

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Xbox Live Gold 6 months

Get up to 75% off your purchases and immerse yourself in hardcore multiplayer action for half a year, with Xbox Live Gold 6 months.

Xbox Live is a service for gaming, compatible with Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox Live Gold is different from a regular Xbox Live service in many awesome ways. The basic free version lets you share your profile, use different apps and download items from the Xbox Live Marketplace. While it lets you chat with your friends you cannot play your favourite games online together.

If you want to challenge your friends to a heart-stopping multiplayer battle on your Xbox, you need to get Xbox Live Gold. Buy your Xbox Live Gold 6 months and join the amazing multiplayer community. Play with friends or meet new players. Xbox Live Gold helps to make your online multiplayer games fun and fair. How?

With its advanced matchmaking system! It helps you find opponents with a skill level and experience similar to your own. Whether you are a fierce and competitive player with quick reflexes or are you just aiming to relax, have fun and try something new? Every gamer will find a place in this community.

With Xbox Live Gold you can also get numerous other awesome benefits. Deals with Gold gives you up to 75% off on your purchases. With Xbox Live Gold 6 months, you also get awesome free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games twice per month, for you to play and keep! With free games and sales in the store, Xbox Live Gold is definitely worth its price.

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September 3, 2013


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