Naraka: Bladepoint (PC/Xbox Series X|S) Xbox Live Key TURKEY

Naraka: Bladepoint (PC/Xbox Series X|S) Xbox Live Key TURKEY

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    Descrição do Produto

    Naraka: Bladepoint

    Publishers “24 Entertainment” present the studio's “NetEase Games Montréal” network game Naraka: Bladepoint. This Xbox key brings an action game engulfed in an ancient Asian theme. Up to 60 players can fight in the game at one time. Priority tools – cold, close combat weapons. Naraka: Bladepoint Xbox key game fights were inspired by ancient Asian martial arts and its story by mythical history. Expect gravity-negative mobility in this game – you'll move as fast and deftly as ever in any other game. Also, expect a wide arsenal of weapons (in addition to cold, close combat weapons, there are firearms in the game) and customization of your heroes. All of this in the Naraka: Bladepoint Xbox key game, according to the developers, was most inspired by Far Eastern legends.

    Naraka: Bladepoint game features

    A unique network game has exclusive elements:

    • Unique experience. Naraka: Bladepoint is the first network game of its kind for close combat and movement;
    • Kill poetically. In the game, katanas and big swords, bows and muskets, the skills of the heroes merge in the brutal battles of the players;
    • Move with lightning. Use your hook to travel quickly through the highest mountains or jump straight into a crowd of unprepared enemies;
    • Perfect heroes. Master and give points earned in battles to your legendary heroes, each with their own skills and deadly style of play;
    • Explore Morus. This is the battlefield where the action of the Naraka: Bladepoint game takes place. Indeed, it is a mystical and breathtaking place, characterized by impressive aesthetics inspired by the legends and history of the Far East;
    • Fight online. Improve your skills in the ever-growing network battles of 1v1 collisions and arena battles. They will feature up to 60 players, as well as unique Sky Dragon and resurrection mechanics;
    • • Cheap Naraka: Bladepoint Xbox key price.

    Ancient Asia in games today

    Ancient East was not a sufficiently developed theme in the gaming market, but times have changed. Every year more and more works dealing with Asian themes are created. While the kind of network style, aesthetics, and world that Naraka: Bladepoint has aren’t on the market at all, the Eastern theme is experiencing a renaissance. In 2019, the creators of the legendary Dark Souls series “From Software” presented their latest game Sekiro: Shadows die Twice. In 2017, the game Nioh of the “Team Ninja” was born, and its sequel Nioh 2 appeared in 2021. In 2020, “Sucker Punch Productions” game Ghost of Tsushima appeared and became the game of the year not only in various awards, but also in the hearts of players.

    Requisitos de sistema

    Requisitos mínimos de sistema

    • Suporte 64 bits
    • Requisitos de sistema
      Windows 10

    Outros detalhes

    PEGI 12
    • Língua
      • Inglês
    • Data de lançamento
      23 de junho de 2022
    • Editor
      NetEase Games Montréal
    • Produtores
      24 Entertainment