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Blaster Master Zero XBOX LIVE Key

The long-awaited Blaster Master series makes its return with an improved remaster of the original top-down and side-view action-adventure experience! Inti Creates game studio presents Blaster Master Zero - a 2D platformer with a heavy focus on explosive action. Coupled with a great soundtrack that elevates the game to a new level, the studio behind this remaster took great care in making sure that everything fans loved about the original makes it into the newer version, just better and more fun. Tailored to modern gamers, Blaster Master Zero Xbox Live key is the perfect purchase for those who want to dive into some good old school action!

Blaster Master Zero gameplay features

With the Blaster Master Zero key, players get to dive into a legendary NES Classic, reworked gameplay-wise to offer the best experience possible. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cult classic. Previously only available for those with a NES console, modern gamers can now immerse themselves into a title that hails straight from the golden age of NES - experience the magic of old school;
  • New content. The base game is completely left intact - the developers just added additional bosses, areas, features, mechanic upgrades, and more;
  • Explore the world. Control the battle tank SOPHIA III as you search for dungeons with bosses - exit it and head inside to fight the various mutants that dwell within;
  • • Cheap Blaster Master Zero price.

Fight against mutant invaders

Once you buy Blaster Master Zero Xbox key, you dive into a futuristic world where humanity is trying to rebuild Earth after many years of disasters, wars, and a devastating ice age. One day, a young robotics genius, Jason Frudnick, finds a mysterious frog-like creature that escapes through a wormhole. Curious, our protagonist follows it and finds himself in a cave overrun by hideous mutants. Your only means of survival is the battle tank SOPHIA III, conveniently waiting for a new pilot to take control. Fight the onslaught, emerge victorious, and start your challenging search for the amphibious creature called Fred!

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Data de lançamento:

1 de julho de 2021