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Balan Wonderworld Steam key

The famous Square Enix gaming studio delivers a new action platformer game where all forms of entertainment bring a joyous experience. Balan Underworld is all about having fun and the mysterious Maestro called Balan has made it his top priority to bestow upon you the greatest experience in the land borne of his imagination - Wonderworld. Here the memories and things that your characters hold dear come alive and mix together, producing 12 different tales told as you explore the labyrinth full of traps and tricks. Buy Balan Wonderworld Steam key at a cheaper price and experience a child-like joy as you participate in some of the craziest and quirky tasks!

Balan Wonderland gameplay features

Balan Wonderland game has an entertaining set of gameplay features that keep the player glued to the screen for hours!

  • A quirky maze. Travel through various labyrinths sparkling with colour and harbouring the quirkiest and the most creative trips and tracks that pose a challenge and cause a roar of laughter alike;
  • 12 tales. Even 12 different tales to hear from no other than Maestro Balan as you are making your way through the swashbuckling mazes;
  • An abundance of activities. The platformer title has a myriad of fun activities on offer even for the pickiest gamers, each activity full of action and more fun than the preceding one;
  • 80 different costumes. You have access to 80 different costumes, each has distinct special abilities implemented, so be sure to pick out the best ones;
  • Co-op mode. Invite your friend to join in the two-player local co-op multiplayer, combine your costumes to create unseen quirks, and have a blast of a time playing together;
  • • Cheap Balan Wonderland price.

The beauty of Balan’s Wonderland

Enter the setting of pure fantasy, full of gigantic toys, quirky characters, challenging traps, and ingenious traps. A tale after a tale, a maze after a maze - and you witness the whole lot of wonders unleashed by the wildest imagination. The eccentric Maestro Balan, whose Wonderland you enter - a strange place where people's happy memories mix with their stress and unspoken worries. A bizarre yet awe-inspiring, ever-changing world of Balan’s Wonderland offers an entertaining experience of a grand scale! Buy Balan Wonderland key at a cheaper price and embark on a journey full of laughter, challenges, and memorable moments, especially since you can share them with a friend in a two-player local co-op multiplayer mode!

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Data de lançamento:

26 de março de 2021


Square Enix, ARZEST Corp.


Square Enix

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