July is already upon us, and with a new month comes a new batch of freebies with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription! If by any chance you’ve missed Games with Gold for June, you should be aware that Coffee Talk is still available until July 15!

As for the full July’s lineup, much like always, we’ll receive a total of four awesome games entirely free of charge; two Xbox One games and two backward compatible Xbox 360 offerings. Here’s the Xbox video coverage on each:

Xbox One

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship (July 1 – July 31)

Developed by KT Racing and released in early September 2019, WRC 8 Rally brings extreme authenticity and real-feel racing factor to the extreme sports scene. If you enjoy speed, precision handling, and astounding control mechanics this is the title for you. Grab this game for free, push the pedal to the metal and step into the shoes of a professional driver starting today.

Dunk Lords (July 16 – August 15)

Developed by Story Fort and released in 2018, Dunk Lords presents an arcade-like, beat ‘em up style basketball title in which you’ll fall in love right at first sight. Step into the court, where over the top action is combined with a large roster of awesome characters. Compete and conquer your opponents in story mode, cooperative gauntlet mode, or the all-out arcade mode madness!

Xbox 360

Saints Row 2 (July 1 – July 15)

You’ve got only two weeks to snatch this action-packed gem right off the digital shelf. Developed by Volition Inc. back in early January 2009, this title marks the shift of the Saints Row series in its entirety. The world you’re in has endless possibilities and non-stop action! It’s up to you to decide whether to use or abuse the freedom given. Additional note: you’ll be accompanied by comedic situations all throughout!

Juju (July 16 – July 31)

Xbox Live Gold games for July didn’t forget the platformer fans too. For those looking for something cute, Games with Gold delivers Juju! Released back in late December 2014 and developed by Flying Wild Hog, the title brings a hectic but cute platformer piece in which you’ll assume the role of a shaman panda and embark on a mystical journey to save your father from an ancient evil!

So here you have it. If you haven’t yet experienced what Xbox Live Gold is all about, we suggest you do. We also have quite the price on numerous membership options – check them out!