Today is the day when Riot Games finally launches its highly anticipated tactical hero shooter Valorant. The game is already live in almost all regions except the US and LATAM. Valorant’s 1.0 version features a few new things that should make players excited.

First and foremost – a new hero named Reyna. She’s the eleventh Agent in Valorant’s roster, bringing a lot of entry fragging potential. Check her out in action here:

In addition to this new hero, there’s also a new map called Ascent. As the name of the map suggest’s this battlefield will be a bit more vertical and should be favored by all Jett mains.

And finally, Riot Games decided to kick things off with a new game mode which introduces a bit faster-paced gameplay. The new game mode is called Spike Rush and is essentially a shorter match allowing players to try out some quick tactics in a best-of-7 rounds type. In Spike Rush, every attacking team member has its own spike so you won’t need to follow your teammates around.

Lastly, there are traditional launch upgrades. Riot games stated that it fixed hit registration, Viper’s Toxic Screen skill, and made a bunch of improvements to previous maps and Agent abilities. You can test all of these things out right now. Just hop on the official Valorant page and start playing.