A few months back Riot Games have released a new mode for League of Legends called Teamfight Tactics. The mode was (and still is) very popular among the player base, so the developer decided to bring it to mobile as a separate game. Yesterday, Riot Games revealed that porting of the game is almost complete and Teamfight Tactics for mobile should launch in March.

A new video on League of Legends YouTube channel shows developers talking about the future of the game. According to the representatives, the League of Legends auto battler will be released on almost all-new iOS and Android devices. In addition, the initial release is not restricted to just a handful of regions – TFT should be available in most countries right from the start.

Lastly, we should mention that Teamfight Tactics on mobile will have cross-play enabled, so mobile users will be able to play with PC players on day one. However, the exact day wasn’t revealed, but we can guesstimate that the launch will happen with the addition of Teamfight Tactics Set Three champions which were announced by Riot games a bit earlier. We’ll keep an eye out for some more news.