The developers of Super Mario Maker 2 released a lot of updates throughout the lifespan of this awesome game. However, the latest one might be the biggest ever. The new content is called the World Maker Update and will allow players of the game to… make worlds, of course!

Oh, yeah… We forgot to mention that world-making is just one out of many additions coming with this new update. Players of Super Mario Maker 2 will also get a chance to utilize Super Mario Bros 2 Mushroom which allows Mario to pick up enemies. There’s also the Frog Suit, the Super Acron, the Boomerang Suit, and a whole lot of masks that can change Mario’s abilities in the game.

This means that instead of just creating separate Super Mario levels, you’ll be able to create a series of them. This essentially means that the most dedicated players will be able to create their own unique Super Mario games for everyone who owns Super Mario Maker 2 to enjoy. However, makers will still have some limits – according to the information players will be able to craft 8 different worlds with up to 40 levels across them.

Seems like a lot of things are changing? You’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know:

The World Maker Update should land on April 22nd and will be free for everyone who already owns the game. In case you need a copy, be sure to check out our deals on it!