The first Spelunky game was a pleasant surprise. Many platformer fans praised the game for its wonderful dynamic design and depth of gameplay. It even got an award from PC Gamer as the Game of the Year back in 2013. Now, a few years later, the developers are ready to give us a sequel – Spelunky 2, which was revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play stream.

In a new trailer shown during the presentation, Spelunky 2’s creator Derk Yu shed some light on the sequel, talking about his goals with a new game. According to him, he wanted to make Spelunky 2 a bit more approachable for new players but keep the elements that made the first game so awesome intact. 

One of the biggest reasons to get excited about the game’s release is the new multiplayer feature which will allow players to explore caves together with their friends. The caves will have more secret passages, branching paths, and a lot more weird NPCs. In addition, Spelunky 2 will have new shops offering some more “nuanced and exciting” items expanding player options and allowing them to dig deeper into the cave.

Spelunky 2 should be released on PlayStation 4 on September 14th, 2020, however, the developers mentioned that it will come to other platforms a bit later. If you’ve never played the original game, we suggest you pick it up and see what all this fuss is about.