The gaming scene is saturated (in the best of ways) with a great variety of games, designed for different usage and separate audiences, yet the overall focus is still on enjoyment. But with such a vast array, you might not have the funds to get all that you desire, and we get it! So, here’s a list of some of the best free to play MMORPG wonders you can find nowadays. They are presented with no particular order in mind, as we don’t aim to rank any of these titles and will simply try to shed some light on the available options for your newest journey.

Blade & Soul

First on the list is the famed Blade & Soul. Probably one of the greatest features that allow the game to rule over others is character creation. Customizing your character is as hard and important as fighting a boss enemy – options are in their hundreds and you can be sure that meeting your exact twin is close to impossible. Among the best free to play MMORPG titles, Blade & Soul firmly stands as a resolute contender. And the graphics are worthy of note as well, even if they seem somewhat peculiar – you either love it at first glance, or you fall in love during your stay.

The basis of Blade & Soul is a traditional tale of perseverance and revenge. Your character is betrayed and now has to obtain more power in order to avenge your lost home. Nothing overly spectacular here, but the story is not the game’s strong point. That would be combat! With a myriad of classes and action-based combat, you will be able to jump, dodge and outwit your enemy. Best free to play MMORPG examples often have click-based combat mechanics, but not Blade & Soul; in this game, you have to be smart and fast in order to not lose your head.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Taking place way before the well-known films, this version of the galaxy far away is still uniquely spectacular. Being one of the older titles in the list, this game gives the player a chance to pick a side: Light or Dark. This will influence not only the story but also how the world reacts to you. No other title in the best free to play MMORPG list has such an intricate reputation system. Your actions in the game are influenced by your Light/Dark points, and these points are not locked to the corresponding side. So, you can have a Jedi who’s fully leaning to the Dark Side, or a Sith who’s morality is squeaky clean.

And if you are worried about the end-game content, well… Yes, generally the game has a premium membership that gives you access to DLCs or you can buy them separately. But if money is not something you want to spend on additional games, even if the best free to play MMORPG wonders are in discussion, you can grab a one-month subscription which will give you access to DLCs even if you’d decide to unsubscribe. One tiny price for a whole bunch of additional content. And if you love Star Wars universe, this is also one of the best immersive games set in that spectacular setting.

RuneScape or OSRS

Probably the oldest title in the list, OSRS game has already become a classic. Boasting tens of thousands of players, RuneScape can give you the true freedom to explore and build your career. We have to note that despite being one of the better-known best free to play MMORPG representatives, RuneScape doesn’t have much in terms of a coherent story that envelopes all your adventures, instead, you’ll have a bunch of separate stories containing quests to carry you along. Freedom is probably the tagline that would best describe the OSRS game’s attractiveness.

You can select different skills, cultivate them how you see fit; combat is fluid and entertaining, you can mix and match three separate battle types or just focus on the one you see superior. With dungeons to conquer, monsters to fight, vast maps to explore and liberty to do what you see suitable, RuneScape will not disappoint! Best free to play MMORPG titles often boast having great graphics, but you may even find those somewhat lacking as compared to RuneScape’s contemporaries, and the gameplay with numerous unique mechanics only makes it better.

Guild Wars 2

Yet another great addition to the list is ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2. Coming as a successor to the previous Guild Wars, the game presents unique story and gameplay that can stand on its own. A lot can be said about Guild Wars 2, but the most important thing is this: no matter what, the paid expansions are not crucial to enjoy the game (at least a large part of it), thus this earns it a spot among the best free to play MMORPG wonders. In the free to play version, you get all the classes with no restrictions, you receive all the main locales and quests… Well, basically, the entirety of Central Tyria’s map is for you to explore!

Finish the main story and battle great threats alongside other players completely free of charge, so there’s definitely plenty to discover and enjoy as you have fun conquering the main continent. But from the system’s point of view, Guild Wars 2 also presents quite a treat. The combat is a mix between mouse click/skill use and the action-based one with rolls and dodges. Best free to play MMORPG examples often offer plenty of unique aspects in their gameplays, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. Your weapon of choice determines what skills you have access to, and this increases the customization options even further. Play how you prefer and customize your character with care and style!


The final addition to our list is Warframe. And before you riot by saying it’s not an MMO, hear us out! While the premise of separate missions might not be held in an open-world environment that you traditionally find in the genre, Warframe stands as an entertaining adventure which takes place in a sci-fi setting and it’s undoubtedly a truly unique addition to the best free to play MMORPG list. With futuristic weaponry and fierce-looking armors – with an array of variations that significantly impact the overall gameplay – you will absolutely have something to sink your attention to.

Become the famed Tenno, pick your weapon of choice, and storm your way through an insanely large variety of captivating missions – either solo or with friends, gather rewards and slay enemies by the hundreds; and once you get enough of that, you can return to your ship where various conveniences are already waiting. All in all, if you are looking for a good and free futuristic game, Warframe is the right kind of experience for you.

Pick the game that interests you the most from the selection of some of the best free to play MMORPG titles – be it fantasy-based Guild Wars 2, sci-fi adventures with Warframe or unlimited freedom of RuneScape. Keep in mind that nowadays many of the games have additional premium shops, which unlock layers to the games that might otherwise be unavailable, so if you find your next favorite out of the whole bunch of these, and many other available free games, you might as well consider investing something more than time.