Not so long ago we shared some news about Sea of Thieves becoming the most successful new IP on Xbox One. Now, after the game made its way to Steam, its community became even bigger. Rare announced that the game recently surpassed 15 million players milestone with the highest active player number in the history of the game – 3.3 million pirates!

If you wonder how many players are playing Sea of Thieves on PC and how many on Xbox One it’s not hard to make calculations. According to an official message, Sea of Thieves just recently surpassed 1 million copies sold on Steam, meaning that two-thirds of the player base is still playing the game on their Xbox One console.

It’s safe to assume that these numbers are the fruit of Rare’s labor throughout the years. The game was officially released in 2016 and didn’t have a lot of players at first. However, the developers released constant updates making the game better with each new addition. Now, as the game made its way to Steam, all of that good stuff shines bright among the competition.

Rare’s executive producer Joe Neate wrapped up the message to the fans with this:

“On behalf of all of us at Rare, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s ever played Sea of Thieves for helping to get us this far. It’s a game that we love making, and there’s plenty more to come. See you on the seas.”

And we can’t wait for more, do we? We hope Sea of Thieves will count their records for years to come. If you never tried the game, be sure to check out our awesome deals.