It’s been a while since Risk of Rain 2 launched in Steam Early Access. Even the unpolished version of the game received a lot of positive feedback and managed to gather a big player base. Now, after many patches and fixes, the developers from Hopoo Games are ready to launch it properly. According to the news, Risk of Rain 2 will get its full release on August 11th.

Prior to this date, players will still be able to purchase the game’s Early Access version and keep the game in their library after its launch. Currently, Risk of Rain 2 is slightly cheaper but we can expect a slight price hike after August 11th. So, if you’re planning on playing this game, be sure to grab it before that date.

Not surprisingly, Risk of Rain 2 launch will come with a big update to the game. Hopoo Games said that the launch day patch will bring a final boss stage, new enemies, and even a new survivor called the Captain.

Currently, we have no news about the consoles, but it’s safe to assume that console players will have to wait for the full launch a bit more. While we still don’t have any date, Hopoo Games said that PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are being worked on and should launch a few months after. We may even get PS5 and Xbox Series X versions too…

If you’ve never played Risk of Rain 2 before, you should know that it’s a fairly simple yet amazingly done multiplayer roguelike game allowing you to team up with up to three friends. While in the game, you will fight enemies, unlock and gather loot, and do plenty more all in order to escape the planet. Be sure to check it if you’re interested!