Next week, or more precisely, on September 10th, Rockstar is releasing a huge update for their hit western wonder Red Dead Redemption 2. The Summer Update will concern the Red Dead Online aspect of the game, and it‘ll present a new class-like Specialist Roles system. Players will be able to earn unique rewards, skills, cash – gold payouts and more – all of these will be available by ranking up the ladder in one of the three available Frontier Pursuits.

Frontier Pursuits will act as narrative Roles for players to immerse in. The first three available roles will allow you to step in the shoes of The Bounty Hunter, The Trader, and The Collector. These three options are just the beginning to Rockstar plans, and be sure that many more will follow in the upcoming future! And as of now, these are sure to deliver excitement for months, and we cannot wait to try out each! For more information regarding each role, visit Rockstar page.

However exciting the new Role System may be, it‘s not the only addition to Red Dead Online Summer Update contents. The new addition to the game will also offer a bunch of Free Roam events for each of the three respective roles, as well as some well-appreciated tweaks and changes to some of the long-desired in-game features. These include additional Stable slots, ability to reset your character‘s appearance without diminishing your progress, along with some balance changes to PvP – mainly concerning the reliance on making a headshot for the kill.

If by some chance, you still haven‘t tried the Red Dead Redemption 2 and it‘s Red Dead Online play, the Summer Update might be just the kick you need. The game boasts awesome narrative, surreal realism, intense action sequences, and immersive online play (which promises to soon consume you even further). Just as a reminder – we have a captivating offer for the title.