Four years have passed since the initial release of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege. Throughout these years, the developers released many awesome additions to the game and the latest promises to be amongst the best ones yet. Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides is the final season of Year 4 which brings plenty of new stuff for the fans of the game.

Operation Shifting Tides was announced a few weeks ago and includes two new operators joining the game’s roster – one attacker and one defender. The attacker class is called Kali. Kali will offer some new options to storm the barricades of the defenders. Kali will be equipped with CSRX 300 sniper rifle which will allow players to breach walls with a single hit. However, it’s worth mentioning that this new weapon also comes with the LV Explosive Lance which will destroy all gadgets on both sides of the wall, so you’ll have to use it with care.

The defender’s roster will get Wamai who is equipped with Mag-NET System. This is a new gadget that can be stuck on certain surfaces and serves as a decoy for the incoming enemy projectiles. Rainbow Six Siege players on defense will find it particularly useful while trying to fend off incoming grenades or other attacking gadgets.

In addition to the new operators, Operation Shifting Tides will also include some changes to the previous game content. One notable change is the reworked Theme Park map which got slight tweaks to its layout. The arcade entrance has been walled off introducing a new Gong Room as its substitute. The developers also changed bomb locations, and indoors section layout to give the map a lot of new tactical options for players to explore.

If you’re interested in all the changes for the new Rainbow Six Siege season, be sure to check out the new trailer:

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides is currently in the testing phase for PC. The new season should land on live servers as soon as the testing phase ends. We don’t expect this taking more than a few weeks.