Naming is important. That’s more true than ever considering an incident happening right now. Apparently, most of the next-generation gamers are confusing Xbox One X with Xbox Series X. Right after Microsoft launched their Xbox Series X/S pre-orders, for some reason Xbox One X sales skyrocketed. According to Amazon’s statistics, Xbox One X sales went up by 747%.

In case you were wondering how one could make such a mistake, you probably don’t know the full scope of Xbox’s lineup. Currently, on Amazon you can find a bunch of Xbox consoles -Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X pre-orders (that’s excluding S versions). Naturally, this might be a bit confusing for some while others have some good content for meme creation.

Even Xbox itself is not immune to the confusion of their own creation. Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge noticed this in a recent press release:

There’s a lesson in here somewhere. One for Microsoft – to learn and make their console names more distinct and not to confuse users, and one for us gamers – don’t rush. Xbox Series X won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Just check your pre-order in case you made the same mistake.