Every year, the popular hero shooter Overwatch is celebrating Chinese New Year with a new in-game event. Now, as the Year of the Pig is coming to its end, Year of the Rat takes its place and brings festivities and a lot of gifts to all Overwatch players. The event begins today and will run until February 5th.

As with every new Overwatch event, there are plenty of cool cosmetics to collect. According to Blizzard, there will be plenty of epic and legendary skins, emotes, victory poses, sprays and player icons. A small tease with Sombra and her new legendary Face Changer skin as already up on Twitter and more rewards should be revealed as soon as the event goes live.

In addition to all the new rewards, Lunar Loot boxes will contain cosmetics from previous years, so if you missed some cool skin last year or even a year before, here’s one more chance to grab it. You’ll get some loot just for logging in! Also, don’t forget – all the cosmetics will carry over to Overwatch 2 which is scheduled for a release later this year.

Lastly, Year of the Rat event should bring a traditional Capture the Flag mode on some reskinned festive versions of older maps. Last year, players got a chance to play Competitive matches for this festive mode, so we hope that we’ll see a return of this activity.

We hope to see you all online. And if you’ve never tried Overwatch before, we have a very special price in the wake of this new celebration.