No Man’s Sky VR update has already got a wide spectrum of pleasant reviews by the majority of the player base. However, the situation wasn’t always so light. The initial release of No Man’s Sky left much (or anything) to be desired. Prior to its official release, the title promised a great explorational journey, but the players had to face a disappointing reality…

Millions of procedural planets appeared to be boring and lonely, space combat was lackluster and the whole experience was rather tedious. Yet, dedicated developers refused to give up! Throughout the years, they released a series of grand improvements designed to revive No Man’s Sky. Previous updates like The Abyss and Visions expanded the universe on the fundamental level.

All this work and dedication has certainly paid off! And now, with No Man’s Sky VR update, it’s like we have a brand-new game on our hands. With the list of stunning updates and access to VR, your galactic adventures enter a whole new and immersive dimension, titled Beyond. Beyond’s release has introduced plenty of changes, and so, now we have them compiled, stacked and ready for reading. So here they are – our impressions about the newest No Man’s Sky update, Beyond:

  • Enhancements to Multiplayer mode
  • Fantastic yet comfortable journey
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Intricacies of Virtual Reality
  • Engaging NPCs
  • Final notes

Enhancements to Multiplayer mode

The eternal vastness of the universe might be just a bit less cold when you have a merry band of friends to accompany you. No Man’s Sky VR update makes sure that it’s not just a statement: the number of players that could participate in many of the social activities has increased significantly. The Space Anomaly, a kind of a hub for the players, can now house up to 16 of them. Here they can connect and share experiences, admire the characters they created for themselves and show off the array of spaceships.

What’s more, here they can team up and take on multiplayer missions that would be impossible alone! Last but not least, with the new No Man’s Sky VR update, you are free to display your base for all to see! You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and resources to build your perfect hideout, so being able to share your work with others is simply sweet. And if you are looking for inspiration, you may also visit the featured exceptional bases – learn from the best (or the prettiest)!

Fantastic yet comfortable journey

No Man’s Sky Beyond update didn’t focus on the multiplayer only. The solo play has also experienced numerous improvements! Missions have been reworked to allow new players to better get the gist of the controls and game systems. Tutorials will offer more guidance. Therefore, with No Man’s Sky VR update, the newcomers to the game will not be left to aimlessly wander on their own. With the new update, players will also get to discover new story elements which will tie the already existing storylines together, forming an even greater and more coherent saga.

Besides the story, another cornerstone of the game is crafting. This activity allows you to obtain new items and really, is an irreplaceable tool meant to help the player to survive, explore, discover, and obtain newer and better content. All this intricate and wonderful technology will be automatically added to the catalog, where you can pin and trace it with seamless ease. Improved pinning in No Man’s Sky VR update will display a precise list of that which is needed to create the desired item, as well as the information on where to find the required materials.

Balanced gameplay

With the introduction of No Man’s Sky Beyond update, the owners of older computers can rejoice! The game has been fundamentally optimized, ensuring that the overall experience would no longer ruin the mood of the dedicated players with older rigs, as the framerate is now set to remain at manageable levels. So, if you have an integrated Intel graphics card and have always wanted to try the game out, now’s your chance!

After No Man’s Sky VR update, the game is now able to support these types of cards, no problems here. The loading time got a significant reduction as well; the game will only load shaders when needed rather than loading them up front. Various bases received improved LODs, ensuring the rendering process will act faster. PC users got even more improvements; OpenGL was replaced by less demanding and more capable Vulkan API – again, this should boost the capabilities of older CPUs or AMD cards.

Intricacies of Virtual Reality

In a sense. No Man’s Sky was practically made for virtual reality. Vivid and spectacular worlds, and the ability to explore, discover, and immerse in them only got better. No Man’s Sky VR update offers players a one of a kind adventure that is sure to astound and amaze! You can currently run the Virtual Reality mode by two platforms: PlayStation 4 and PC.

Those players who prefer personal computers are free to use any of the three supported devices: Oculus Touch, Valve Index, or Vive Wand, depending on availability. The game also allows the fans of PS4 to play with Dualshock4 or PlayStation Move controllers. But no matter which option you pick, the impact will remain true and unique.

And there is even more good news! No Man’s Sky VR update supports seamless switching between the regular and VR gameplay. No need to start from scratch or have two separate save files, simply load up your save, integrate the VR and play from where you previously left off. If you are worried about your friends that do not own the VR gear, you absolutely shouldn’t! The in-game matchmaking system connects both regular and VR players together.

Engaging NPCs

What gives charm and character to this title is the NPCs that inhabit it. Having the ability to witness millions of procedurally generated worlds is amazing, and of course, the fantastic flora and fauna in them is deeply satisfying and fascinating. But it is only with the new No Man’s Sky VR update that the way to better interact with your surroundings has been shown to its true potential. Now, the non-players will react to both you and the environment they themselves are in.

They now go about their lives instead of standing like statues, some even got boosted with additional dialogues to share with the player. And speaking of NPCs, it would be amiss to omit the fact that the great hub of the Space Anomaly has gained 12 new inhabitants, who give the player various missions and deserved rewards. No Man’s Sky VR update continues to shake off the memories of its dull beginnings in the best way possible.

Final notes

Despite its rocky start, the game has managed to achieve what seemed like an impossible feat. Currently, it’s one of the best – if not the best – sci-fi oriented exploration adventure games out there. With the added VR integration, the immersion aspect has gone through the roof! If you ever wanted to try out No Man’s Sky but didn’t find a suitable window to jump in, or if you’ve bought it and have decided to part ways quite a while back, the time to start or return to the epic space ventures is now! No Man’s Sky VR update has added an even greater variety of content and improvements to the overall experience – the game is better than it ever was, and we could not recommend it more. Interested? Check our price for the title!