The new Avengers game was the prime jewel at the Square Enix E3 2019 press conference, and it seems that the studio’s intentions are truly superb. Just recently, the head of the studio, Scott Amos, had an interview with, where he provided some insights on everyone involved with the making of the upcoming title.

Developing The Avengers game is no joke, and as the director admits ‘’From our side, it’s the biggest thing that we’ve ever done.’’ The project is shared across five studios, who are closely working together in order to achieve nothing but excellence. Crystal Dynamics, Crystal North West, Nixxes, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Japan are all in the mix.

Together with these studios, the top experts in the development business were cherry-picked for each of the core gameplay features. Shaun Escayg got hired as the creative director; you might know the guy from Uncharted and The Last of Us series. Dave Filfield is involved with the game’s multiplayer; he was also the game director for Halo and Call of Duty, and even Vince Napoli is on the roster – the man behind God of War combat design.

And that’s not the end to the upcoming awesomeness ahead. The franchise owner, Marvel, is closely involved with the project as well! As the director himself states ‘’They’re not just collaborators, they’re partners.’’ And that should strike the fans big. Every aspect of the game gets explored in a tight collaborative manner – even the original writers are involved!

When it comes to the news about the game itself, we’ve gathered that it’s going to be available as both, an offline experience, and as an online co-op adventure. There will be no loot boxes in sight, and most post-release heroes and locations are said to be free as well. However, it’s also worth noting that despite the previously mentioned, the game will feature some form of microtransactions too.

The Avengers game launches in September 2020, and while you wait, we suggest checking some of the best works by the studio behind the upcoming release.