Magic: The Gathering is known by everyone who’s into collectable card games (CCG). While the game is widely popular in its physical format, not so long ago Wizards of the Coast created a digitalized version called Magic: The Gathering Arena. The game is supposed to give a serious run for the money to widely popular Blizzard’s CCG Hearthstone, so it was only a matter of time till we hear some news about the first grand Magic: The Gathering Arena Tournament.

Finally, the time has come. Wizards of the Coast announced their plans to invest 10 million dollars to MTG Arena esports back in December, organizing many tournaments across the world. According to the news, the first of the bunch will take place at PAX East this March. The Mythic Invitational will feature 64 players, 1 million dollar prize pool with a quarter of it going to the winner. The event will take place in Boston from March 28th to 31st. The Mythic Invitational will feature a whole new competitive format called Duo Standart. Each player will bring 2 decks to the match, and the deck requirements will meet the standard Magic: The Gathering rules.

While most of the first MTG Arena tournament participants will be invited, players will be able to qualify for the tournament as well. The top 8 February’s players on Mythic Constructed Ranking ladder will too get their invites to the event.