During the last days of PAX East 2019, the developer behind the Magic: The Gathering game announced yet another expansion for the most popular trading card game in the world. The new set is called War of the Spark and will focus on Planeswalker cards.

The new expansion for the game was announced with a very awesome trailer which features masterful animation and some aspects of the lore behind the new set. At the moment, the view count on YouTube platform is nearing 4,5 million which makes War of the Spark trailer one of the most popular video uploads in the game’s channel. And only a single day has passed…

Such popularity might be due to the fact that War of the Spark will be the first Magic: The Gathering set first released digitally in Magic: The Gathering Arena game. The new set will debut to the game on April 25th. As for the real-world – the prerelease event kicks off on 27th.

Based on the cards that have been revealed so far, War of the Spark seems to put a huge emphasis on planeswalker cards. The new set brings 36 planeswalkers and even more cards that can interact with planeswalkers. You can check them out in the official Magic: The Gathering site.