If you’re a fan of the original Lords of the Fallen game, you might have already lost all your hope to see the game’s sequel. It was announced and later scrapped by Deck 13 who focused on their other projects such as The Surge series. The publisher of the game, CI Games, gave this project to Defiant Studios. They weren’t able to deliver as well. Now, after years of going back and forth, there’s a new glimmer of hope – Lords of the Fallen 2 project was picked up by a new studio which was recently established by CI Games,

The new developer of Lords of the Fallen 2 game is called Hexworks. It’s a new studio with two departments located in Barcelona and Bucharest. According to a press release, Hexworks will be a fantasy RPG oriented studio which should not only bring the long-awaited Lords of the Fallen 2 but a lot more fantasy RPG titles as well.

From what we gather, the new game will go in a similar direction to the Souls-like games, since there already are a few statements that Lords of the Fallen 2 might be even harder than the original. Moreover, Hexworks representatives are saying that the sequel will be moving towards darker fantasy themes.

Currently, there are no more details about the upcoming game. CI Games and Hewxworks confirmed that they have plans to release the game for PC and next-generation consoles, but as you can imagine, it might be a long wait. In any case, we hope that the third time’s the charm and the project won’t be canceled again. We have our fingers crossed.

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