To everyone’s surprise, this week we got some more news about the upcoming Hitman 3 game. While we got our chance to witness some of the gameplay and a new location, the biggest reveal came in the form of the game’s distribution channels. Apparently, Hitman 3 will launch exclusively on Epic Games Store. Don’t sweat… It will only be a timed exclusive and should come to Steam after 12 months.

The news was revealed via a new video showing off one of the new locations coming into the game called Thornbridge Manor. At the end of the trailer, we can see an Epic Games Store exclusive tag. 

The new location should feature at least a portion of the main story missions but will be accessible in other popular Hitman game modes such as Elusive Targets, Escalations, and Contracts.

To mark the news about Epic Games Store exclusivity, Epic Games also launched a special promotion. Starting next week, players will be able to snag a free copy of the first Hitman game (2016). The promotion will kick off on August 27th and will run until September 3rd.

We’d like to remind you that Hitman 3 was revealed as a next-gen title coming to PC and consoles in January 2021. It should be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and PC (Epic Games Store). This means that if you want to own this game on Steam, you will have to stay patient and wait until 2022.

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