The world of The Witcher games is vast and seemingly unending, However, wherever you go you’ll find somebody willing to play a game of cards with you. The game within a game is also expanding – The Witcher’s collectible card game Gwent is getting an expansion titled Crimson Curse.

It’s been five months since Gwent’s official release (open beta doesn’t count), so the developers have decided to bring in some fresh blood for the community, releasing a vampire-themed expansion. Crimson Curse revolves around the vampire Dettlaff van Eretein, already familiar to players of The Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine. As the moon turns red, he summons his kin and variety of new beasts and monsters follow.

According to the news report, Gwent: Crimson Curse will introduce over a hundred new cards with 31 being neutral and the rest dedicated for each faction of the game. The expansion will be released on March 28th and will reach players playing the game on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simultaneously.