It was not a big surprise when Google recently announced their video game streaming platform by the name of Stadia. It was already known that they are working on a similar project, as Project Stream was already being tested last year, which eventually led to the creation of Google Stadia!

It was announced that Stadia is going to be released this year, meaning that cloud gaming is closer to becoming a reality than we initially thought! What we know by now is that the players will be able to play the games on PC’s, Laptops, Gaming Consoles and Mobile Phones at the point of release and the only requirement is to have a steady internet connection!

That’s right, the power of your gaming platform is pretty much irrelevant, which was demonstrated during the presentation on the 19th of March. It showcased Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey being played on a low-spec Chromebook laptop and on a mobile phone! The game ran smooth and when played by testers, showed a lot of promise to rival the current high-end gaming platforms in terms of performance!

stadia specs

When it comes to performance, what can we expect from Google Stadia at launch? It promises to support graphics up to 4K at 60 FPS along with surround sound as well! On top of that, Google promises to take it up a notch eventually with plans to support 8K graphics in the future! It can only be pulled off by the insane specs that Stadia will have, which were also revealed during the presentation. At 10.7 teraflops of power, the GPU exceeds the most powerful PS and Xbox consoles combined!

All in all, Google Stadia promises to be everything we have expected from cloud gaming, bringing us a lot to be excited about! The next announcement from Google is coming this summer, so stay tuned!