League of Legends ranked season 9 is quickly approaching. While the majority of official esports leagues have already resumed their matches, players around the world are still patiently waiting for January 24th for 2019 season to begin. In order to hype up the season’s start, Riot Games released a new cinematic featuring game’s champions.

The new trailer titled ‘Awaken’ features a bunch of different battle scenes with iconic League’s champions such as Riven, Draven, Jhin, Camille, Sion and many more. As always, the stunning visual scenes are accompanied by a song which features Valerie Broussard.

Additionally, to the ‘Awaken’ cinematic, Riot Games have also released a short anime-styled intro ‘A New Journey’ which was animated by P.A. Works. The studio is known for their popular animes such as Angel Beats!, and Shirobako.

The ninth season of League of Legends will introduce many new changes, including two new ranked tiers titled Iron and Grandmaster. Also, Riot Games will introduce a new position ranking, which means that players will earn separate ranks for each of the five positions in the game.

You can read about all of the upcoming updates for the new League of Legends ranked season in the game’s webpage.