Even though Escape from Tarkov was in beta for years, we might still get an official launch someday. At least we hope to, as there are some good signs supporting these claims. During the weekend, PC Gamer organized yet another PC Gaming Show which offered a lot of new game announcements. During the show, Battlestate Games also had a few minutes of glory and decided to introduce a new Escape from Tarkov patch marked as 12.7.

According to the information, the new patch should bring the game closer to its official launch and introduce a new massive map coming to the game. Streets of Tarkov features plenty of details. Check it out:

Right about now we’d like to make a joke about Battlestate Games and their game being in beta for such a long time. However, we should keep in mind the fact that the game is getting better with each passing month and its popularity is still huge on Twitch. The passing of time seems to make no difference to Escape from Tarkov’s popularity. If anything, the game is getting more and more popular and that might be the reason why the gamer community is still super into the game even after 3 years in beta.

We can only hope that the official launch is near. Iteration is nice and it’s even nicer when the developers are making new content along the line. However, beta status allows developers to shake off any criticism about the bugs and instability of the game stating that the title is still in the testing phase… 3 years is a bit long for testing, don’t you think? On the other hand, we have Star Citizen, so things could be way worse…

Don’t get us wrong, Escape from Tarkov is a great title. It might even be better than countless other already released titles and you should definitely check it out if you find a chance. Eneba offers the game at a significantly cheaper price.