If you’ve been following the game industry for a while, you’ve probably heard about the weird press conferences that the publisher Devolver Digital has hosted in the past couple of years during E3. It seems like 2019 won’t be an exception, since the company teased another live show kicking off on June 9th.

The publisher started its tradition of weird press-event like streams back in 2017 with the unkillable host Nina Struthers – the new tease seems to be hinting about her second resurrection. Past streams poked fun at the industry, business people, video game trends and generally everyone involved in gaming. The special shows featured a bunch of satirical skits and even some on-screen deaths. If you don’t know what the hell we are talking about, here’s the stream from 2017.

While the format of this E3 press conference is quite a bizarre one for sure, the show still boasts a great rundown of publisher’s games coming out in the near future. Of course, Devolver Digital is not an AAA publisher, so if some minor decapitations and mind-explosions are able to attract the press interest, and thus the gaming industry gets to know a line-up of great indie games, we don’t mind.