If you’re a fan of the MMORPG genre, you might already know that highly popular Black Desert Online developers are working on their next project. For a few years now Pearl Abyss has been designing an indirect sequel to their popular MMORPG game and dubbed it Crimson Desert. Now, it seems that the game is ready to be shown to the world as Pearl Abyss shared a new teaser trailer stating that the full reveal will be a part of The Game Awards 2020 show.

Here’s the video:

Under normal circumstances, we would wait for the full game reveal to post news about this, but the anticipation for this new MMORPG game is insane. Black Desert was huge in western countries as well as in Asia, so the sequel is turning some heads already. The description of the video states that we can expect to see the first Crimson Desert gameplay trailer, so fans are excited. Why wouldn’t they be – new MMORPG games are not that often nowadays.

“The world of Pywel is getting ready to embrace fate.

Will yours be the one to define it?”

We already know that Crimson Desert is being developed for PC and consoles, so we expect to learn about its estimated launch date in the coming presentation.