If you‘re into platformer games you might be aware of Celeste. And if you‘re not, it‘s about time to have a glance at it. Take a journey through numerous chambers and arenas while climbing into the most difficult and daring digital mountain in your life. Take control of Madeline and aid her through an astounding journey to conquering the very mountain top.

The game‘s learning curve is as steep as the very mountain the game features. It‘s easy to learn, yet very hard to master – with numerous difficulty levels, increasingly more difficult challenges, and tons of secrets and hidden pathways to be discovered all throughout your journey. The higher you‘ll get, the more difficult your inner well-being will be to control – but don‘t try to escape what‘s troubling you from the inside, that‘s basically the overall point of the experience being portrayed here.

Anyway, this write-up is not about that. Celeste is getting a new free DLC on September 9. Chapter 9: Farewell promises to add for over 100 new captivating levels to the title, and together with the new contents, the game boasts 800 levels in total – sounds captivating? These levels also bring new mechanics, music tracks and plenty more significant enough reasons to continue to move on.

The Celeste platformer has already sold well-over 500k copies, and if you want to be a part to what is considered as one of the best platformers of our generation, now‘s probably the best time to get into it and start climbing! On the side note, don‘t get ahead and think that the newest DLC will be up in your hands in no time – you‘ll first have to complete the Chapter 8 before even thinking of the additional content.

We offer an amazing deal on the title, and if you‘d start this very moment, you could still have some time to catch up on the game and start conquering the Chapter 9: Farewell DLC the moment it‘s released!