There are two types of gamers – those who like to purchase their games early, whether it be during the early access period or sometime during the launch week. And then there are those late birds who patiently wait for all the content updates, DLCs, and bug fixes to land so they could play the best version of their chosen game. The latter group can now rejoice since Battlefield V game’s development team announced their plans to drop the last content update over this summer.

News update on the site was published by Battlefield V’s Senior Producer Ryan McArthur. The post says that once the current Battlefield V Chapter ‘Into the Jungle’ wraps up, players of Battlefield V can look forward to the last standalone update.

Here’s a quote from the letter to the community:

As you are aware, the current Battlefield V Chapter, Into the Jungle, wraps up on April 29. As we look to the future, we will release one more standalone update this summer that brings with it some new content, weapons, and game tweaks. We are targeting June for this update. We’re still tackling the challenges from working from home and will let you know how things progress for us over the next month.

After the release of the last Battlefield V update in the summer, the developers will be supporting their game in a passive mode. As stated in the letter, the team will host various random community events, and will continue to fight cheaters, but won’t release any additional content. In other words, the game will still be supported, but no new maps or weapons will be coming your way… So if you were waiting to get a full Battlefield V experience – this is it.

According to the news gathered by the media, Electronic Arts has plans to release a new entry into the Battlefield franchise right after (or maybe even with) the next-generation console release. This means that a lot of development force is currently shifting their focus from Battlefield V to a new yet untitled game.