Gamers did it again! The annual Awesome Games Done Quick event once again invited the best game speed-runners in the world to show off their skill with some of the best games and simultaneously host a special fundraiser for a great cause. In a week-long celebration of games, viewers managed to donate a little over 2,7 million dollars to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

While many of the previous events were hosted in a particular place, this time the event was organized online. However, not having a physical presence seemed to have no influence on the viewership as AGDQ raised a fairly huge amount of donations. While it didn’t surpass the previous record, it managed to top some of the organizations’ other events. Last year Summer Games Done Quick 2020 raised 2,3 million dollars, so AGDQ 2021 surpassed it by quite a margin.

So to sum up – AGDQ 2021 ran from January 3-10, attracted 25,651 donors from around the world who made 42,089 donations to reach $2,758,847 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event featured 157 total speedruns and participants played a lot of awesome games.

Here are a few speedruns form the show to get a sense of what this was about: 

If you wish to check out more, be sure to visit the official Games Done Quick website. There you’ll find plenty more impressive game walkthroughs. The donations are still open too, you can pitch in here.