Equipping a cool League of Legends skin is like adding RGB lights to your PC. It doesn’t really improve your gaming performance but it sure feels like it. And it certainly earns you some style points when you play. League of Legends is known for its incredible selection of cosmetic skins that make your favorite champions even more enjoyable to play. In this blog, we highlight what we think are the best of the best LoL skins ever created.

1. Demacia Vice Garen

Speaking of RGB, you can bring vaporwave color schemes into the game with you. This Garen skin is a blast from the past set in an alternate 80s version of Demacia. It can be purchased for only 1350 RP, a great deal for such prominent effects and nostalgic value. Demacia Vice Garen is also one of the best LoL skins because it has chromas actually worth buying. Each chroma recolors not only Garen’s clothes, hair, and glasses in striking neon hues, it also changes the colors of his sword’s glow.

2. Spirit Blossom Ahri

Released during the Spirit Blossom event in July 2020, the Rift’s one and only Nine-Tailed Fox got herself a skin that actually transforms her into her namesake. You can roam the Fields of Justice as an actual little fox during her Homeguard and Ultimate animations. Spirit Blossom Ahri will cost you 1820 RP, but with it, you get pleasing cool-colored particles, animations, and unique voice line interactions with all other Spirit Blossom skins. We love all of the skins from the collection but we think Ahri won out with the best one.

3. Nightbringer Yasuo

You know Nightbringer Yasuo is remarkable since it was released nearly four years ago yet it’s still most Yasuo mains’ favorite skin. League’s perhaps most controversial champion can set the map ablaze with this 1820 RP upgrade. Featuring Windwalls made of fire and a Last Breath that suspends enemies in a flaming tornado, it’s hard not to feel badass using it. Yasuo players also love how smooth it feels to play sporting the Nightbringer skin. 

4. Elementalist Lux

Although it was released in 2016, Elementalist Lux might still be League of Legends’ most ambitious skin project to date. This ultimate skin will cost you a whopping 3250 RP but it’s essentially 10 skins in one. You start the game in her default Light form, and as the game progresses and the first threshold is met, a menu appears allowing you to choose between four elements for her next form. After a second threshold is met, you get to choose between the remaining elements for your final form. Whether spending that much money on a cosmetic upgrade is worth it is up to you. But we think Lux mains especially will appreciate the interactiveness Elementalist Lux provides.

5. Coven Morgana

The stun-locking menace holds her throne as the Queen of the Coven with her 1820 RP skin. While other Morgana skins may give you a gameplay advantage of hard-to-see particles, Coven does the opposite. Its particles stand out in a vibrant red and summons crows to let the enemies know doom is on its way. Coven Morgana also has unique voice line interactions with Kayle, Annie, and other Eclipse and Coven skins.

6. God Fist Lee Sin

The Blind Monk transcends into God Fist Lee Sin, an 1820 RP flying figure of light. God Fist debuted in April 2017 after an exciting trailer that draws inspiration heavily from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The resemblances between the Lee Sin skin and Aang are also hard to ignore. Masterful manipulation of the elements, glowing eyes when in flight, and they’re both monks. Our favorite part of this skin is the animation of his Resonating Strike, where he flies in like a superhero instead of the traditional kick. Next time you land your Q, why not go in fist-first?

7. Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle Academia Ezreal’s release in 2019 excited Ezreal mains everywhere as the cheaper and better alternative to Pulsefire. It’ll still set you back 1820 RP but each and every aspect of the skin was modified well. Battle Academia Ezreal graces Summoner’s Rift much like an Anime protagonist. He has a light-hearted demeanor about him that comes through in his voice lines and various taunt animations. Yet, he can unleash a violent barrage of vibrant red and blue when the moment calls for it.

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