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    Product description

    Song of Iron XBOX LIVE Key

    Step into a ruthless world where man, monster, and nature itself is dead set on killing you! Resting Relic game studio presents a grim and intense experience where players are tasked with fighting not only for their own lives but also for the lives of others. Explore the ancient and mysterious homeland brimming with dense & gloomy forests, claustrophobic caverns, and desolate mountains as you strike down each enemy in front of you. Here, you are seeking the Great Temple of the Gods, but what lurks inside its halls is anything but welcoming. Buy Song of Iron Xbox key, light the blood of your ancestors inside of you on fire, and gain the favor of the Gods!

    Song of Iron gameplay features

    You hold the axe of a fallen comrade - though it's worn and dented, it will suit its purpose well. A dying wish sets you on the path to the Great Temple of the Gods, but in the Song of Iron key only Valhalla awaits those who cannot succeed.

    • Nerve-wracking side-scroller. The ancient relic of your people may sway the favour of the Gods to your side but the journey itself to reach them is going to be anything but easy - danger will follow you with every step in order to stop you;
    • Visceral combat. Strike with your axe, bash in skulls with your shield or pierce the heart of the enemy with an arrow - some battles are bound to end with your demise, so use the slumbering shadows to your advantage;
    • Every shot counts. Your equipment is all you have - take care of them because weapons can be lost, arrows eventually run out, and shields can be broken;
    • • Cheap Song of Iron price.

    In the valley of death

    In the Song of Iron Xbox key, you shoulder the burden of the hopes of your people. A sole warrior willing to risk everything to gain the aid of Gods, you are the last chance to save many lives from devastation. Every swing of the axe must be true, every arrow shot must slay its target, unless you want to embrace the biting chill of Valhalla before your time is truly due. Face man and beast in glorious battle and unravel the mystery that will lead you to the Great Temple of the Gods!

    Other details

    • Languages
      • English
    • Release date
      August 31, 2021
    • Publisher
      Resting Relic
    • Developers
      Resting Relic

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