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On The Road The Truck Simulator XBOX LIVE Key CANADA

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    Product description

    On The Road - Truck Simulator Xbox Live key

    Pick your truck, rev up the engine and sit back for a relaxing evening coasting from one city to the next! Toxtronyx and Aerosoft presents a truck simulator so realistic it exceeds your expectations and offers everything that truck enthusiasts might want in a game. On The Road - Truck Simulator takes players through scenic vistas of Germany, including some unique sights, as they fulfill the ever-increasing number of orders. Now featuring an economic system, you will not only take on lengthy routes, but will also establish your own company, and as further updates roll out, even hire drivers, purchase licences, and much more. Buy On The Road - Truck Simulator Xbox Live key and discover the intricacies of the motorways of Germany!

    On The Road - Truck Simulator features

    The team behind the game aims to recreate the trucker life down to the smallest details! It shows once you take a look at all the things they put in this simulator:

    • Plenty of roads to travel. You get to cruise via more than 6500 km of country roads and motorways, full of various points of interest to make travelling all the more delightful and rewarding;
    • 16 true to life cities. Visit such places like Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne and even the prized jewel of the nation - Berlin;
    • Realistic truck behaviour. Choose the truck with the right cargo volume for the delivery and enjoy assistance systems, automatic transmissions, retarder/intarder devices and much more as you speed down the road;
    • Economy. Once you establish a company of your own, you’ll have to hire drivers, purchase trucks, plan routes with rest stops, acquire certain licences, and do many more things as the head of the business;
    • • Cheap On The Road - Truck Simulator price.

    German motorways

    With On The Road - Truck Simulator key, you get to marvel at all the sights that Germany has to offer! While most of the scenery, roads and motorway interchanges are based on real satellite data, the developers took some creative liberties to add some unique road designs for even more variety. Since trucks are, obviously, the main stars of the game, you get to sit behind the wheels of a plethora of vehicles, all having different shapes, sizes and purposes. From various trailers, semi-trailers to Gigaliners, well-known MAN TGX and Scania R Series vehicles also make an appearance in the game. Buy On The Road - Truck Simulator Xbox Live key, choose your favourite truck, plan your route and start delivering!

    Other details

    • Languages
      • English
    • Release date
      February 11, 2021
    • Publisher
      Aerosoft GmbH
    • Developers
      Aerosoft 2020

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