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Fortnite - Lava Legends Pack (DLC) (Xbox One)

Fortnite – Lava Legends Pack Xbox One key includes the following cosmetics: 

  • • Molten Valkyrie Outfit;
  • • Molten Valkyrie Wings Back Bling;
  • • Molten Battle Hound Outfit;
  • • Molten Crested Cape Back Bling;
  • • Lavawing Glider.

Scorch the surface of the Battle Royale island with items brought about by the Fortnite Lava Legends bundle Xbox One key! Wear unique, highly detailed, and thematic Fortnite skins into battle, all of which are of high regard and rarity. Initially starting out as skins of Legendary rarity, Molten Valkyrie Outfit, and Molten Battle Hound Outfit along with their respective back blings, and a shared Lavawing glider have latter been reclassified with a Lava series designation. Seldom does the Fortnite Lava Legends Pack appear on the in-game Item Shop so don’t hesitate to use this exclusive opportunity to add these skins to your personal Locker!

Alternate looks

Each skin and back bling included within this bundle is a lava-themed variant of previously introduced Legendary rarity Fortnite skins or back blings. For example, Molten Valkyrie skin is an alternate version of the standard-issue ice-themed Valkyrie outfit. At the same time, Molten Battle Hound is a Lava-style interpretation of the regular Battle Hound – a skin that was originally inspired by Roman gladiators. Items presented with the Fortnite Lava Legends Pack Xbox One key are an awesome reimagining of the past outfits and therefore a true most own for Xbox One Fortnite players!

Ride a dragon into battle!

Aside from the Lava series skins, this bundle also includes fitting Molten Crested Cape and Molten Valkyrie Wings back blings. However, the true star of the bundle is the Lavawing glider – a giant dragon that will carry you into future battles. It has awesome animations with the most impressive of them being the Lavawing’s ability to breathe fire! Very much like other items you’ll receive with the Fortnite Lava Legends Pack Xbox One key, Lavawing is a reimagining of a previously introduced glider known as the Frostwing which might have been inspired by Sindragosa from World of Warcraft.

How do I redeem a Fortnite code on Xbox One?

  • • On the Xbox Home Screen select the Store option;
  • • Press Use a code button;
  • • Enter the purchased key code;
  • • Click Next to finish the redemption process;
  • • Items should now appear in your Fortnite Locker!

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Release date:

March 29, 2019


Epic Games Inc.


Epic Games