Steam Gift Card 5 EUR Steam Key EUROPE

Steam Gift Card 5 EUR Steam Key EUROPE

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Steam Gift Card 5 EUR

A Steam Gift Card Key is the Ultimate Present!

No matter the occasion, no matter for whom, a Steam Gift Card is the right gift to choose!
This unique 5 EUR Steam Key provides you with a single code which has the power to fill up any Steam Wallet with those well-appreciated coins!

To use the 5 EUR Steam Gift Card Key, you or whomever it is for, just needs to enter the Steam Account, click on the Steam Wallet, and choose an option ‘Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code’.

Once these steps have been taken, just enter the code provided by this purchase, and at a moment’s notice the 5 EUR funds will flow right into your Steam Wallet.

With the newly gained wealth, there are options for what to do next. Keep the money in your Steam Wallet or spend it on numerous things that the Steam Store provides!

It’s your wallet, It’s your decision.

Release date:

September 9, 2013