Steam Wallet Gift Card 10 USD Steam Key GLOBAL

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Steam Wallet Gift Card 10 USD key

What’s a Steam Wallet Gift Card and what does it do? It’s fairly simple, with this card in your possession, you now own 10 EUR code which can be used to increase either your own or any of your friends’ Steam wallet funds, hence, Gift Card.

If you or any of your friends own a PC, and more than that, if you load your games precisely on your PC, Steam comes as one of the top options for your gaming-time management. The service is one of the biggest game-oriented platforms on the market – and you can become a part of it!

Buy Steam Wallet Gift Card 10 USD and seamlessly increase your Steam wallet funds. It’s super-fast, convenient, and most of all – secure! While it’s true, 10 USD is far from the biggest gift card on offer, however, it’s just enough to buy any game you want in under ten bucks category, also, it’s a great addition if you’re running a few bucks from making your AAA purchase!

You should also consider purchasing a gift card just because it’s a real bargain every time! Each Gift Card contains a fixed amount, in this case, 10 USD, however, its price is constantly shifting – if you’re buying games, you may as well save a pretty penny in the process!

In order to activate your Steam Wallet Gift Card 10 USD key, you should enter a Steam account, then go to Steam wallet options, then click on ‘Redeem a Steam Wallet Gift Card or Wallet Code’ feature and enter the key code you received after your purchase. Yes, it’s that simple!

Release date:

September 10, 2013