Apex Legends 4350 Apex Coins  Origin Key GLOBAL

Apex Legends 4350 Apex Coins Origin Key GLOBAL

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Important Notice: For PC ORIGIN version of the game. You must have Apex Legends in your ORIGIN account in order to use this product.

Apex Legends 4350 Apex Coins

It takes quite a while to stock on those Legend Tokens, doesn’t it? Want to acquire your Legends faster and have that exclusive look that would separate your character from the masses?

We offer a quick and easy solution!

Buy 4350 Apex Legends Coins, it’s the premium currency usable on Apex Legends Store, and unfortunately, it cannot be earned by simply playing!

With the 4350 Apex Coins in your palm you are now able to purchase Legendary cosmetics, taunts, dances, and a bunch of other in-game goodies!

Cosmetic items may not increase your mechanical skills, but none can deny – they certainly enhance the overall experience!

Release date:

February 5, 2019


Respawn Entertainment


Electronic Arts Inc.