PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (ES) PSN Key SPAIN

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (ES) PSN Key SPAIN

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PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (ES)

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (ES) is a deal that signs you up for a PS Plus membership for a hefty period of three months’ time! In its very essence, it is true that the PlayStation Network comes as free of charge service, its free of charge part though, only allows you to use such features as PlayStation Video and some other entertainment platforms. While most of what really matters are locked behind a paid subscription!

And what does really matter? If you’re anything like millions of other gamers out there, you, without a doubt value interconnected gameplay, and that’s exactly what the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days is all about! Take your playthroughs online and share your finest moments with anyone you want. A world with tons of online multiplayer games is now all yours to explore and immerse in!

And that’s only the very start of what the PS Plus can offer! Along with interconnected gameplay, you’ll also get two free games each month! That’s 6 awesome games in 3 months – entirely for free! Solely this is quite a bang for your buck, and if you’re not yet fully convinced, you just wait, because the benefits list is not over just yet!

Buy the PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (ES) and get the chance to play through the latest games’ betas and demo versions – all included in the subscription price! Also, with the PS Plus you’ll get a ton of discounts and exclusive deals for the games you love, you want, and you need! If you’re buying games on a regular basis, this Card right here is your go-to ticket to a full-scale experience!

Release date:

November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment