PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (SE) PSN Key SWEDEN

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (SE) PSN Key SWEDEN

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PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (SE)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (SE) offers you a subscription to PS Plus that will last for a whole year! That’s 12 months of membership which grants you access to every single captivating feature in the PlayStation Network. And surely, the platform can boast with a lot to desire! From free games each month, to online play, beta tests, and tons of member-exclusive discounts – more on these below!

Each month, you’ll get to play through 2 awesome games entirely for free! So, if we’d count it in a broader sense, during the duration of PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days, you’ll get to experience 24 awesome titles! This factor alone could sell you the subscription, however, the PS Plus holds plenty more! In fact, you shouldn’t even wait any longer, experience the endless possibilities of gaming right now!

The second feature that completely changes your entire gameplay feel is the online connectivity! Bring your games online and test your skills against some of the greatest people in gaming. The PS Plus community is very special because it gathers and bonds people with similar aims, goals, and mindset. Share your playthroughs and play with friends, that’s what this network is all about!

With PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days you’ll also get to enjoy numerous members-exclusive discounts! Get your desired games much cheaper, check the exclusive deals and find your perfect fit, even if it isn’t on a price reduction list, though, throughout the whole year, it’ll surely end up on the category with a hefty sale tag marker on it! And we’re not even beginning the talk about the ability for you to participate in the latest game demos, and their Beta tests.

Release date:

November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment