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Playstation Plus CarD 365 days (BE)

With the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (BE) subscription extension you’ll either continue using every awesome service of the platform or you’ll acquire access to a whole another level of gaming experience! For a whole 12-months period you’ll be able to use every single feature on the PSN, and furthermore, benefit from it greatly – especially, if you plan on having at least a few game purchases in the upcoming year!

With the membership card in your possession, you’ll get to play through 2 games each month entirely for free! Just think about it for a second, during a span of your 12 months subscription, you’ll receive 24 games! This factor alone makes the PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription worth your investment, but that’s far from the only thing that the service has to offer.

Solo play can be very entertaining and immersive; however, gaming is a well-rounded experience which involves millions of players from all over the globe. And precisely because of this PS Plus grants you access to an online multiplayer matchmaking system! Pick one of your multiplayer games and launch it online! Compete, hone your skills, and test them against the best in the world, or simply join a company of friends for a shared adventure!

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription is the longest-lasting subscription you can acquire, it’s also the cheapest (price per day), and most convenient (single purchase – a whole year of entertainment). But that’s not all. If you’re planning to buy at least a few games during the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to acquire the PS Plus membership first. Why? Because the PS Store offers a ton of member-exclusive discounts for the games that you desire!

Release date:

November 29, 2013


Sony Online Entertainment


Sony Online Entertainment