God of War Ragnarök (PS5) PSN Key UNITED STATES

God of War Ragnarök (PS5) PSN Key UNITED STATES

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    God of War Ragnarök (PS5) PSN Key

    Developers Santa Monica Studios and publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment present the newest installment of the famous action-adventure series God of War, called Ragnarok. Released in 2018, the previous God of War game brought a lot of new, fresh ideas to the series and became one of the most successful PlayStation 4 games. God of War: Ragnarok PSN key continues its path, but offers a lot of new and important ideas to the table. As the previous installment, Ragnarok is loosely based on Norse mythology. The main protagonists still are Kratos, the God slayer, and his son Atreus. GOW: Ragnarok is the last GOW game based on Norse myths and its theme is about events that bring the end of days, when Norse gods will die – Ragnarok. Players who completed the previous game will remember that these events were foretold by the god Baldur who Kratos killed. It seems that this prophecy will be fulfilled.

    God of War: Ragnarok features

    GOW: Ragnarok PSN key continues the traditions of the previous game, yet it offers some new features, which will please fans of the series:

    • Dramatic fate of characters. Atreus seeks knowledge to understand himself and his place in the world, as a god Loki. Kratos has to choose whether to be chained by fear to repeat old mistakes, or be free from the chains of the past and be a father Atreus needs;
    • War weapons. Legendary Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Guardian Shield come back, together with new features and abilities for both characters. The skills of Kratos will be tested while fighting gods and monsters from other realms. Kratos mission is to protect his family;
    • Exploration of other realms. Travel to dangerous and breathtaking places, where you will meet lots of monsters and Nordic gods. This is but a background for a journey in searching answers and new allies for two protagonists;
    • • Cheap God of War: Ragnarok PSN key price.

    The end is near

    God of War: Ragnarok takes place three years after the events of the previous game. It is foretold that the end of the world, also known as Ragnarok, is coming soon. Kratos' son, Atreus, is a teenager, who is still learning about himself, as the god Loki and searching for ways to prevent Ragnarok. The duo travel in search of a giant Norse god Tyr, who was considered dead. He should provide answers Kratos and Atreus need. While traveling through nine realms, the father and his son must confront new challenges, like the furious god of thunder Thor and ally from the past Freya. Both these enemies seek revenge because Kratos killed their sons. What will be the conclusion of this intriguing story? Find out when purchasing God of War: Ragnarok PSN key for PlayStation 5 platform.

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    • Languages
      • English
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Portuguese-Brazil
      • Spanish
    • Release date
      November 9, 2022
    • Publisher
      Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developers
      Santa Monica Studio