Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood (DLC) PS4 Key EUROPE

Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood (DLC) PS4 Key EUROPE

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Important Notice: The base game Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn is required in order to play.

Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood

Stormblood key offers a DLC Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV and therefore requires the base game to play!

New lands to discover and jobs to complete are prevalent in Stormblood, along with a level cap increase, new dungeons and a larger inventory! Take on everything that comes at you as the Warrior of Light!

Game details

  • Rates 16+Rates 16+
  • MultiplayerMultiplayer
  • Third-personThird-person



  • English

Release date:

June 20, 2017


Square Product Development Division 3


Square Enix