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Apex Legends 11500 Apex Coins (PS4)

Buy 11500 Apex Coins and feel like true royalty! With a vast amount of coins, you can unlock all that your heart desires; be it skins, weapons or voice lines. The store is as much your playground as the Apex maps. However, we have a few suggestions on where to best invest your fortune.

The classics

A long-living and thriving part of many games is packs. However, before you turn away and scoff, Apex employs a slightly different system. Depending on how many packs you will open, you are guaranteed to gain legendary items. So, while you still get the usual mystery items, if you buy 11500 Apex Coins you may also enjoy the insurance that the back RNG luck won’t plague you anymore.

And here comes the best part – nothing you will pull from the packs will duplicate. Thus, if there’s something you dislike about certain Legends, rejoice – you will only have to see the item once, and it won’t eat up the spot in the packs anyone. This is the ultimate boon to the Apex community.

Something new and unique

Battle Passes are slowly becoming the rule in first person shooters and Apex embraced this path as well. However, we must stress that once you buy 11500 Apex Coins and purchase season’s Pass, the game offers so many rewards you can only see the bright side of the situation. In basic terms, Battle Pass gives the player level-oriented goals and rewards: reach a new level, get a gift. And the items – especially skins – will not be making an appearance anytime soon, if ever, and so you get yourself a wonderfully unique look.

But together with the regular Battle Pass that lasts for the ongoing season, you can invest in a bit of an upgrade that comes with the Battle Pass Bundle. Buy 11500 Apex Coins and you can select the option to purchase Pass with a level 25 skip; this will automatically grant you all the rewards for those 25 levels, and you can begin your journey from that point on.

Release date:

February 15, 2018


Respawn Entertainment


Electronic Arts Inc.