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RuneScape 30 Day Membership

Enjoying your RuneScape experience, but want something more out of the game? Well, we have a solution for you! Buy RuneScape 30 Day Membership and unlock troves of additional content (we are not kidding, there’s a whole new world out there – quite literally).

New stomping grounds

We all know RuneScape is massive. From the moment you create a character, you can go where you please. But imagine - entirely different and twice as a vast region, all for you to explore. There are few things as exciting as discovering new places and the people or creatures within them. With these expansive lands there also new dungeons and bosses scattered around, all of which are inaccessible to Free to play heroes. Buy RuneScape 30 Day Membership as it’s the only way to get out of the rut and see the world at large.

Things to do

Quests are the cornerstone of any good MMO. They not only give insight into the world around the player but also provide useful rewards and boosts, often even grant equipment and character advancements. Basically, quests are great, and you should always do them! And if you have the membership, RuneScape rewards you by granting hundreds more questlines for you to overcome, all tailored for the best experience possible. Just think, if you buy RuneScape 30 Day Membership, you may relive it all! Some might be little fetching tasks, and others could lead you to an immortal boss – but they are entertaining all the same!

A little bit of extra

But of course, as you charge off to face the great evil of the world, you have to be prepared. And thus, the game presents you with members-only skills; they will allow you to take on even the strongest of enemies, as well save yourself some money and other little bits and pieces. In addition to the whole new skillset, should you buy RuneScape 30 Day Membership, you will be rewarded with a boost to the skills you carried over from the free to play version, allowing you to craft armour and make items that would be out of bounds for free players. 

Release date:

June 16, 2012