Project Zomboid Steam Key GLOBAL

Project Zomboid Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • The Zombies Are Taking Over

    The Zombies Are Taking Over

    The further you go into Project Zomboid, the more zombies are appearing, meaning that the population of people must be dying out and you being left on earth alone seems to become more and more realistic!

  • You’re Running Out Of Time!

    You’re Running Out Of Time!

    As the zombies are taking over, the cities stop functioning. Soon enough you will run out of power, food, and drinkable water. What you’re going to do next is up to you!

  • Keep Your Eyes Open

    Keep Your Eyes Open

    You only see what’s in front of you in Project Zomboid, therefore, you always need to turn around and watch your back, otherwise – you’re toast.

  • Stay Safe

    Stay Safe

    The zombies are not quite as stupid as they’re often depicted. They will notice you leaving your lights on, they will check whether you locked your door and peek through the window if you keep the blinds up! Make sure you stay secure!

  • Keep Yourself Alive

    Keep Yourself Alive

    No surprises here, food is essential to every human being. Since shops aren’t working, obviously, you will have to break in and take whatever you want! The world is yours, it’s just kind of dangerous out there!