The received item does not match the seller’s description

Did you check the description again after adding the product to the cart?

Sometimes in the rush of buying a new product you might miss some information that may have been visible on the product page. Just to avoid misunderstandings, we would appreciate if you could make sure that the information was indeed not disclosed by the seller before creating a ticket.

Was the package you've received damaged in some way?

On rare occasions, it is possible for some damage to be sustained during the shipment. If you noticed some damage, we recommend that you contact the courier used who delivered your package to report an incident during the transit.

Have you started a Dispute with your seller?

If the item does not match the description provided by the seller, you can start a dispute with the seller within the first 48 hours after receiving the item to resolve the issue.

How to start a dispute? It's quite easy to do! You just need to log in to your Eneba account, go to your order history and click "Start dispute" next to the relevant order. This will start a conversation with the seller – here you can explain the problem and point out the details that do not match the product information provided, and solve the problem.

Was the seller given enough time to reply to your inquiry?

We do ask that you allow the seller at least 24 business hours to reply to your inquiry before escalating it to us. Keep in mind that the seller may not be always available to instantly reply to your inquiry. Besides, it will be in their interest to reply, since he will only get his money after you confirm that everything is good with your order.

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