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Reviews: 5

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    Auto-translatedIt is a fantastic action with RPG elements and a variety of Marvel heroes can be selected. I found it very fun to play in single campaigns as much as in multiplayer campaigns (even more!)
    Auto-translatedA good vent, a cool story, nice graphics and a big variety in heroes and enemies.
    Great storyline. Wonderful graphics. Tricky to control makes the experience less enjoyable. Make sure you have a top PC or the game won't be
    Auto-translatedFun game, good graphics and various missions in campange mode. However, could have been better optimized.
    Auto-translatedIt has its own, quite entertaining. It is worth buying, the variety of heroes is scarce for a game of this magnitude. But it contains a good development of the environment in general,

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Product description

Related articles

Marvel's Avengers Steam key

If Avengers: Endgame left you in need for more adventures of the Marvel’s iconic superhero team, you’re up for some good time with this one! Developers Crystal Dynamics and publishers Square Enix present a Marvel’s Avengers Steam key like no other Marvel’s game before it! This third-person action-adventure title with a non-linear story progression can be easily placed among such superhero video game masterpieces like Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 or DC’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequels. Don’t worry if you happen to be a newcomer to this franchise, as the Avengers game 2020 features a completely original story!

New story about Marvel’s heroes

The plot of the game begins during a new Avengers base opening celebration on the West Coast of United States. A mysterious explosion turns half of San Francisco into ruins and the Avengers are blamed for the catastrophe. Team disbands due to public backlash and government pressure. Marvel’s Avengers key starts five years after the San Francisco incident. Superheroes are outlawed and the protection of the planet goes to an Advanced Idea Mechanics organization, also known as A.I.M. In this dystopian world, streets are patrolled by A.I.M. robotic units and Avengers are no more. Begin the game and set out on a journey to reveal a conspiracy against Avengers Initiative!

Use the Helicarrier as base of operations

A young heroine from New Jersey – Kamala Khan – is determined to prove the innocence of her heroes. Take her place in the Marvel’s Avengers game and reassemble the legendary team! Use the dispatched Helicarrier as your base of operations – very much like in XCOM games from Firaxis – and complete missions in a non-linear fashion. The Avengers Helicarrier will also be able to get upgrades throughout the story. Get on board and approach the War table to do the Hero missions that progress the single-player campaign or engage in Warzone tasks that can be played solo or have 3 other people join you online.

Upgrade each hero

Marvel’s Avengers game shares another familiarity to the XCOM series – not only will you own a base of operations and complete missions around the globe in a selected order, but you’ll also upgrade each individual character. Unlock new heroes and upgrade their skills to match your individual playstyle! You’ll also be able to gain access to new gear and looks. Each cosmetic customization option is based on various superhero costumes from 80 years of Marvel history! Get the Avengers game 2020 key to reassemble and the iconic Marvel’s Avengers! Game you’ll get with this purchase offers a unique opportunity to organize the legendary superhero team according to your liking!

Other details

  • Languages
    • English
  • Release date
    September 4, 2020
  • Publisher
    Square Enix
  • Developers
    Square Enix