Overwatch (Legendary Edition) (Nintendo Switch) Nintendo Key AUSTRALIA

Overwatch (Legendary Edition) (Nintendo Switch) Nintendo Key AUSTRALIA

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    Overwatch (Legendary Edition) (Nintendo Switch) key

    Overwatch is a multiplayer-only first-person shooter in which two teams composed of 6 heroes compete in online deathmatches and various other game modes. Buy Overwatch Switch key along with the Legendary Edition and immerse yourself into what is currently the most popular online FPS out there, with a passionate international player community of more than 40 million gamers worldwide. The game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, a company that provided us with such legendary game franchises like Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft as well as Heroes of the Storm. Overwatch is another great addition to this pantheon of titles so buy the key and find out why!

    Epic hero characters 

    The main focus of Overwatch is its variety of playable hero characters, each having their own unique set of skills, personalities, and backstories. Buy Overwatch Switch key and get access to over 21 of these heroes that give this game exceptional depth. Explore various awesome looking, well-developed characters both gameplay-wise and narrative-wise. Overwatch focuses mostly on providing an awesome multiplayer experience for both FPS veterans and newcomers, but those who are exceptionally passionate about the Overwatch sci-fi universe will learn that they are filling the role of elite soldiers from an international task force that was established to deal with the global incident known as the Omnic Crisis. Buy Overwatch Switch key to play as original heroes that will be remembered as icons of the current gaming decade!

    Get creative with your gameplay strategies! 

    With each Overwatch hero having unique playstyle attributes and abilities you‘ll almost feel like you are playing a different game every time you switch your character (which you can do freely in the middle of a match). However, don‘t forget that after all this is a multiplayer game that requires teamwork! You can enjoy the game as a solo player, but new dimensions of gameplay will reveal themselves to you when you will develop creative character combinations with your allies to counteract enemy heroes or compensate your own shortcomings. Buy Overwatch Switch key and don‘t miss any of it! 

    What will you get with the Legendary Edition? 

    Overwatch is well known throughout the gaming community for its gorgeous aesthetical design inspired by Japanese anime and Pixar movies. Everything from maps to characters looks amazing and pleasant for the eye. The amount of Overwatch online fan art is a testament to these facts. The Legendary Edition further expands upon the great visual aspect of the game by proving you with 15 character skins, 5 of which are from the original edition and 10 others are new epic as well as legendary type skins for various heroes. If you are a Blizzard fan, buy Overwatch Switch key to receive content for other Blizzard titles included in the Overwatch Legendary Edition. You get great content for games like Diablo, WoW, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft so get the Overwatch Legendary Edition and feel free to enjoy it all!

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    PEGI 12
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      • Alemão
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    • Data de lançamento
      15 de outubro de 2019
    • Publisher
      Blizzard Entertainment
    • Developers
      Blizzard Entertainment