Core Keeper (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES

Core Keeper (PC) Steam Key UNITED STATES

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    Opis produktu

    Core Keeper (PC) Steam Key

    Developed by such a distinguished gaming studio as Pugstorm and published by globally known Fireshine Games, Core Keeper key delivers an electrifying experience one simply could not pass by. Released in 2022-03-08 and available on Steam, the title is ready to redefine your gaming experience at the seams. Buy Core Keeper key for a cheaper price and enjoy hours of engaging and jovial gameplay, a fine entertainment in the virtual world, perfect for unwinding after a long day or drawing inspiration from. Witness the unlimited potential of Core Keeper Steam key today for a lucrative offer!

    Core Keeper features

    Enthusiasts of this type of genre are in for a treat with Core Keeper key! This title includes many key features and mechanics that enhance the overall experience:

    • Mining resources. In the gigantic cave, you will find endless resources. Hidden crystals and fossils are waiting for you;
    • Discovering an ancient world. You will face ancient creatures face to face. A lot of adventures are waiting for you to be experienced. After slaying gigantic behemoths, you will uncover secrets of the underground;
    • Crafting. You will upgrade your character and craft new items, armor, and equipment, that will help you while traveling into the depths of a cave. With a pickaxe, you will mine valuable resources. Also, with a bridge, you will be able to traverse through the waters of the underground. Torches will be crucial for eliminating the darkness of the cave;
    • Farming. From seeds found in the cave, you will be able to make various things. Also, the fishing option is also available. From these resources you will cook a good meal, so you won’t be hungry;
    • 1-8 players online. Experience this adventure alone or together with 7 other people. Work together while mining resources, fighting, farming, and crafting. But most importantly, you will have to survive;
    • • Cheap Core Keeper price.

    Will you be able to survive?

    Immerse yourself into the shoes of an adventurer, who finds himself in an ancient cave, full of monsters. But not only do monsters lurk underground since there are also a lot of valuable resources and other trinkets. Your mission is to escape the underground world, and for that, you will need survival skills. Mine various relicts and resources, because they are important for building your own base. You will craft equipment, that will help you to survive. Gigantic monsters and various secrets are waiting for you, when purchasing Core Keeper (PC) Steam Key at a cheaper price. Also, you will farm, cook, and explore the always-changing world of the underground. It seems, that this sandbox game is just for you! Play it alone or together with friends.

    Wymagania systemowe

    Minimalne wymagania systemowe

    • Obsługa 64-bitowa
    • Wymagania systemowe
      Windows 10
    • Procesor
      Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.7GHz OR CPU - AMD A4-4020 APU with Radeon, 3.2 GHz
    • Pamięć
      8 GB RAM
    • Grafika
      Nvidia GTX950

    Pozostałe szczegóły

    • Języki
      • Angielski
      • Simplified Chinese
      • tajski
    • Data wydania
      8 marca 2022
    • Wydawca
      Fireshine Games
    • Deweloperzy
    • Działa na